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Women of the Wild West
Women of the Wild West honors the cultures, landscapes, and history of the American West through the mixed media sculptures and paintings of Janet Nelson, Peggy Judy, Heather Foster, and 15 other contemporary female painters, printmakers, sculptors and photographers.
Barns and Bones of the West
Barns & Bones of the West features the contemporary and historic structures and influential figures of the American West as captured in the paintings, color intaglio, and ceramics of Terry Gardner, Tomas Lasansky, Donna Howell-Sickles, Simon Winegar and Dinah Worman, complemented by 40 contemporary artists influenced by the West.
Sarah Lamb
Sarah Lamb is a solo exhibition featuring the dramatic still lifes of familiar favorites--flowers, “Bonne Maman and Butter,” seasonal fruits--captured by nationally celebrated, dynamic American realist painter, Sarah Lamb, and introducing expressive landscape pastel artist, Sabrina Stiles.