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Aug 15, 2019

“Wild” and “West” have been associated in the United States for decades, if not centuries. Whether visiting national parks, rescue centers, ranches, or the open plains, our artists are enamored by the animals of the West, both Wild & Rescued. Mike Weber captures creatures on camera, and uses an involved process of mixed media to bring these animals indoors, in a way that makes them more accessible and relatable. Sandra Kaplan explores the Wilderness through her lens, capturing wild horses of the West, to the rare white bears of the Northwest. Paula Schuette Kraemer depicts animals she encounters in the woods of Colorado, literally leaving her mark through fingerprints on her large-scale drypoint mono print, monotype prints. Ewoud de Groot paints birds and mammals that he encounters in the wild of the West and his seaside home in the Netherlands. Veryl Goodnight paints sweet scenes of familiar faces, like foxes and raccoons, in their natural element. We hope you enjoy this selection of Wild & Rescued animals depicted by our artists.


Mike Weber - Owl
Mike Weber, “Owl,” Mixed Media on Panel, 30 x 30 inches
Mike Weber - Big Horns 2015
Mike Weber, “Big Horns 2015,” Mixed Media on Panel, Ed. 2/6, 12 x 12 x 1.50 in
Mike Weber - Owl, 2017
Mike Weber, “Owl” Mixed Media on Panel, 3/6, 12 x 12 x 1.50 in
Mike Weber - Holstein
Mike Weber, “Holstein,” Mixed Media on Panel, 24 x 24 in
Mike Weber - Golden Lady
Mike Weber, “Golden Lady,” Mixed Media on Panel, 12 x 12 in


Sandra Lee Kaplan - Horse in Fog
Sandra Lee Kaplan, “Horse in Fog,” Photograph on Metallic Paper, 33 x 67 in
Sandra Lee Kaplan, “Power,” Photograph on Handmade Paper, 28 x 20 in
Sandra Lee Kaplan - Spirit Bear #1
Sandra Lee Kaplan, “Spirit Bear #1,” Photograph on Metallic Coated Archival Paper, 36 x 34.25 in


Paula Schuette Kraemer - On the Path 4/20 Framed (COORS 2020)
Paula Schuette Kraemer, “On the Path 4/20 Framed,” Drypoint Monoprint, Monotype, 48 x 36 in
Paula Schuette Kraemer - Who Are You...Again? 13/15
Paula Schuette Kraemer, “Who Are You…Again? 13/15,” Mixed Media Print, 47 x 35 in


Ewoud de Groot - Resting Avocets
Ewoud de Groot, “Resting Avocets,” Oil on Canvas, 27.50 x 55 in


Veryl Goodnight - World of Wonder
Veryl Goodnight, “World of Wonder,” Oil on Canvas, 14.50 x 22 in
Veryl Goodnight - Morning Mission
Veryl Goodnight, “Morning Mission,” Oil on Panel, 9 x 12 in

For more information about these artists or works, please call us at 970.927.9668, email art@korologosgallery.com, or visit us at 211 Midland Avenue in Basalt, Colorado.

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