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May 16, 2018
Spring in Technicolor

After the muted colors of Winter, the vibrancy of Spring is a sight for sore eyes! We selected a handful of our favorites images from artists who capture that boundless color of Spring and show it to us in technicolor. Whether the artists have taken a classic landscape and applied their own palette, captured the budding, blossoming, birthing of Spring through careful observation and unique style, set their own stage through still lifes, or magnified the vibrant details we can hardly imagine, you’ll love this season through their eyes.

Angus Wilson - Sunflowers, Pears, and Papaya with Fish Drape

Angus Wilson sets his own stage with his still life paintings in vibrant colors

Sherrie York - Wild Dreams 4/20

Sherrie York translates her passion for nature and acute observations to vibrant reduction linocut prints

Tom Korologos shows the blossom in their true form with his journalistic photography style in Crimson Beauty Bloom 2

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