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Feb 26, 2019
Simon Winegar & the Poetic Dichotomy to Winter
Simon Winegar - The Weight of Cold
Simon Winegar, “The Weight of Cold,” Oil on Panel, 48 x 48 in

“There’s a poetic dichotomy to winter. It’s a time of year that gives the observer a sense of solitude and quiet contemplation but also provides a reminder of the harsh vicissitudes of life. It is light and full of brilliant starched cotton coverings, yet dark and foreboding with the depth of ethereal forests. it is a harsh world, dead and bleak; but hides the splendor of life in its underlying tapestry.

Winter gives meaning and greatness to summer, just as black gives definition to white. Appreciating the winter scene is finding beauty in its simplicity while striving to contemplate is complexity. No season has the potential to evoke more dynamic feelings than winter. It holds potential and power. It embodies danger and ferocity…and in the end gives the land its lifeblood, slowly flowing toward fertility.”

Simon Winegar
Simon Winegar's Cold Cereal In Situ
Simon Winegar’s “Cold Cereal” painting In Situ. Photograph provided by Melissa G.

“We love it so much!!
We’re just so happy. It transformed our house. 
Thank You!”

~Melissa G. | Aspen, Colorado
Simon Winegar - Winter in Color
Simon Winegar, “Winter in Color,” Oil on Board, 34 x 14 in
Simon Winegar - Across a Frozen Lake
Simon Winegar, “Across a Frozen Lake,” Oil on Board, 12 x 9 in
Simon Winegar - Hard and Beautiful
Simon Winegar, “Hard and Beautiful,” Oil on Board, 25.50 x 19.75 in
Simon Winegar - Morning Snow
Simon Winegar, “Morning Snow,” Oil on Board, 8 x 5 in
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