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Jul 31, 2018
Sculpture Reflections from Interior Designer, Anne Grice
Anne Grice of Anne Grice Interiors

In honor of Western Dimensions: Sculpture, on view July 10 to August 6, 2018, we sat down with interior designer, Anne Grice of Anne Grice Interiors, to ask her professional opinion about a selection of works in the exhibition. She explained her vision with each of the following sculptures by  Neil CliffordGordon Gund, Amy LaugesenLloyd Schermer, and Lisa Gordon.

Anne and her team specialize in distinctive design solutions since 1996. With a background in contract design & project management, clients have come to rely on Anne’s expertise and skills for their design projects. Anne is a longstanding professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers.

Amy Laugesen, “Woven Blanket,” Ceramic on Metal Base, 9 x 9 x 3 in
Amy Laugesen, “Freewheeling,” Ceramic with Vintage Metal and Porcelain Casters, 18.5 x 18 x 5.5 in

The stand-alone horses by Amy Laugesen would be fun to incorporate on a bookshelf, console table, or center table in a large entry. The size makes them easy to move around and utilize in different ways. A contrasting background gives a dramatic effect . Arrange a single horse, or a few for a dynamic look.

Lisa Gordon, “Straight and Narrow II,” Bronze and Steel, 62 x 68 x 18 in
Lisa Gordon, “Straight and Narrow” (detail), Bronze, 15 x 15 x 4 in

The “Straight and Narrow” series by Lisa Gordon would work very well against a large wall, especially one painted a light color to offer a pop of contrast. This work could also be a room divider, make a statement behind a sofa, or divide back to back sofas in a large living room. Large bronze sculptures, like this one, could also go outside as a focal point by a pool, garden, or field.

Gordon Gund - Moment 12/12
Gordon Gund, “Moment 12/12,” Bronze, 13 x 18 x 6 in

The size and clean lines make Gordon Gund’s “Moment” especially versatile. It could be used in a spa area, by the pool, on a coffee table or console table. Directing a light towards this sculpture would accentuate the smooth shape, bronze material and dimension. A great work of art to honor the angler(s) in the house!

Lisa Gordon, “Between,” Bronze, 47 x 20 x 6 in


Wall art such as this sculpture by Lisa Gordon, which is only 6 inches deep, works particularly well in an alcove, stairwell or at the end of a hall where it can have big visual impact, yet not protrude from the wall. Its height and relatively narrow length and shallow depth offer a lot of opportunity for placement throughout the house or office.

Neil Clifford, “Release,” Bronze, 32 x 30 x 21 in

The detailed structure of this bird juxtaposed with the rustic texture of the bronze material is visually exciting. My first impression is how perfect this would be in the garden! It could also reside in an entry area as a feature or be placed in front of an interior or exterior fountain.

Neil Clifford, “Drifters Bowl,” Bronze, 4 x 11 x 11 in

Neil Clifford’s “Drifters Bowl” adds a lot of interest and color without taking a lot of space.

This would look great on an entry table, a small round side or dining table.

Lloyd Schermer, “Small Aspen Leaf 2,” Antique Wood Type, 18 x 25 x 2.5 in

Lloyd’s work can be used like any wall art.  The way that Schermer overlays the antique type gives all of his works wonderful texture and energy. The colors are muted enough to work with most interiors. Typeface is so popular right now!

Ann Korologos Gallery is passionate about connecting you to the perfect works of art for your space and style. For more information please contact Amy by calling 970.927.9668 or visit the gallery at 211 Midland Avenue in Basalt, Colorado. 

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