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Jun 11, 2011
New Work by Tomas Lasansky

Son of the internationally renowned printmaker Mauricio Lasansky, this award-winning artist has exhibited his works in New York, as well as the Southwest. Lasansky’s works are

"Buffalo Bill" 70 x 86 in (triptych), Acrylic on Canvas

increasingly sought by collectors both in this country, and abroad. This is not surprising since his work posses the individuality, the technical ability, and the poetic beauty that is associated with the Lasansky name. Years of classical fine art training in the old world tradition equip Lasansky to do justice to his New World subjects.
Lasansky’s work has been influenced by his enthusiasm for American History and the significant figures of our nation’s past. “I’ve been truly inspired by our greatest leaders, artists, and thinkers,” says the artist. Next to a life-size portrait of

"Geronimo" 56 x 48 in, Splattered Ink on Paper

Geronimo or Sitting Bull, you will likely find a drawing of Abraham Lincoln or Walt Whitman.
Click here to see more work by Tomas.
Save the date – August 10th – One Man Exhibition with Tomas Lasansky.

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