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Oct 02, 2018
New Arrivals & Fall Foliage

We save this time of year to showcase Western Landscapes because our landscape artists love to paint in the Summer, and we love to share their fresh new works with you! New works arrive every day, so here’s a preview of fresh new arrivals showcasing the peak of this magnificent season. Below are a select few arrivals from Linda Lillegraven, Andy Taylor, Daniel Sprick, Sean Wallis, Marie Figge Wise, Sherrie York, and Leon Loughridge.

Leon Loughridge - Golden Sentinals
Leon Loughridge, “Golden Sentinels,” woodblock print, 26 x 19.25 in
Leon Loughridge - Aspen Stand 3-26
Leon Loughridge, “Aspen Stand 3/26,” woodblock print, 19.75 x 16 inches
Linda Lillegraven - "The Pryor Mountains"
Linda Lillegraven, “The Pryor Mountains,” Oil on Linen, 18 x 36 inches
Andy Taylor, “17.17,” Oil on Linen, 23 x 21 in
Marie Figge Wise, “Peony,” oil on board
Andy Taylor, “Hook,” Oil on linen, 33 x 28 in
Linda Lillegraven - Bald Mountain Trail
Linda Lillegraven, “Bald Mountain Trail,” oil on linen, 30 x 24 inches
Daniel Sprick - Horse Skull
Daniel Sprick, “Horse Skull,” oil on board, 30 x 24 inches
Sherrie York - Treasured Path 1/15
Sherrie York, “Treasured Path 1/15,” Reduction Linocut, 12 x 18 in
Sherrie York, “Falling,” Reduction Linocut, 7 x 5 in

New works are always arriving at the gallery! For more information, please contact art@korologosgallery.com. We also suggest joining our mailing list for weekly beauty in the arts in your inbox.

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