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Nov 27, 2018
Wild and Rescued Animals in a New Light

Mike Weber, an avid naturalist, outdoorsman, artist, and animal lover, uses his “Color” Series to frame rescued and wild animals in a relatable, modern way. See what Weber has to say, along with the new arrivals of the series.

Mike Weber - Owl

I vividly remember the natural colors, patinas and textures on decaying, historic homesteads near my childhood home in rural Missouri, an area filled with wildlife and farm animals. I repeat these aged finishes within my artwork to recreate a sense of history, combined with graphic patterns and bright colors of today’s world. My subjects are often photographed in wilderness, on sustainable farms and at rescue centers where animals are removed from poor conditions in animal factory farms. I digitally remove the animals from their natural environments and place them over colorful, graphic urban visuals, allowing the viewers to see animals in a new and more relatable context. My process combines photography, paint, resin and unconventional artist materials to create a multi layered composition that brings viewers closer to nature.


Mike Weber - Americana Cow
Mike Weber, “Americana Cow,” Mixed Media, 36 x 24 in
Mike Weber - Fair Oaks
Mike Weber, “Fair Oaks,” Mixed Media, 24 x 24 in
Mike Weber - Granny's Chick
Mike Weber, “Granny’s Chick,” Mixed Media on Panel, 24 x 24 in
Mike Weber - Counting Sheep
Mike Weber, “Counting Sheep,” Mixed Media on Panel, 21 x 24 in
Mike Weber - My Deer Friend
Mike Weber, “My Deer Friend,” Mixed Media, 36 x 36 in

Interested in learning more? Learn more about Mike Weber on his artist page, or read about his Black Series and Scout Series. To work with our gallery staff, please contact us by phone (970-927-96680), by emailing art@korologosgallery.com, or visiting 211 Midland Avenue, Basalt, Colorado.

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