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Feb 14, 2015
Michael Fain – New Works On View

New works by Michael Fain are on display at Ann Korologos Gallery. These black and white photographs, from his Minimalist Series, will be on view through March 9, 2015.


Balloons 5 20x16-lg

“Balloons 5” 1/6, 20 in x 16 in




“Maroon Bells 5” 1/6, 20 in x 16 in



A resident of Aspen, Fain has been a photographer for over sixty years. Through those years his photographs appeared in newspapers, popular magazines and scientific journals. Twelve years ago, with the explosion of the brilliant possibilities of digital imaging, he converted his darkroom to a digital imaging lab, took courses in the more arcane aspects of Photoshop and fine art digital printing at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, Colorado, and broadened the scope of his images to a blending of representational and abstract.

Fain has fully embraced the advancements of digital photography, saying “the sophistication of digital imaging has opened new horizons for me over the past few years. As a photographer for many years I was especially intrigued by the emotions that could be elicited in viewers by using a full range of tones in black and white photographs. Now, by using digital imaging techniques, I am able to explore the use of tones, contrast, detail, montage, and duplication to a degree that was not previously feasible. Photography can never completely ‘capture’ an image in the same ways as the human eye, because of the limitations of camera and film. Since a photographic print, however carefully executed, is only an approximation of the original image, I am willing to greatly increase the range of that approximation by the use of digital imaging techniques so that my printed images reflect my imagination, as well as emotions that were stimulated by the subject matter.”

 To see more of Michael Fain’s photographs, please click here.

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