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Jun 11, 2019
Lisa Gordon on Lace Cast in Bronze

Lisa Gordon was born and raised in Southern California, earning her MFA from CSU, Fullerton, with a Bachelor degree in sculpture and photography. The pathos seen in Gordon’s sculptures arose from the intrinsic love of caring for her horses and were focused with a new appreciation for life after a viral infection at the age of 24 had Gordon on life support and completely paralyzed. Gordon credits the experience for having focused her and showing that “life is too short to waste.” These powerful creatures in precarious positions are a metaphor for the human experience, demonstrating the balance between having fun and giving life purpose. Lisa shares her new series’ now on view in Balancing Acts in Bronze and Ink.

Lisa Gordon, “Blanket Statement: Grandma’s Lace,” Bronze, 8 x 8 x 3 in

“Blanket Statements and Super Equos are some of the most tedious, albeit, the most fun pieces I make. I love exploring texture in materials. I will dip anything organic (fabric being a favorite) into molten wax to prepare it for the casting process. In Blanket Statements: French Maid, I used eyelet lace and in Grandmas’ Lace I availed myself to one of my Great Grandmothers’ handmade doilies. After dipping and then applying the wax-laden object to the horse/canvas, and achieving the desired form or affect, I enter the tedium. Laboriously I excavate the organic into a “casting friendly” and aesthetically interesting piece. Of course, the horse is at the center. As I work, the personality of each piece arises and the sculpture is born.

Lisa Gordon, “Blanket Statement: Maid to Order,” Bronze, 8 x 8 x 3 in

These series’ imbue twofold inspiration: blanketing and dress Up. First there is the common practice of blanketing horses during the cold weather, a task that is not a necessity, but rather a labor of love. We want our charges to be cozy and warm. From that thought the blanket became a canvas. 

Lisa Gordon, “Buckaroo II ed 30,” Bronze, 9 x 8 x 5 in

My second stream of thought was built around our propensity to pamper pets.  That act of pampering takes on different appearances.  In this series the muse stems from the natural childhood fascination with “dress up”, either oneself or those ubiquitous Barbies.  I myself, never much cared much for dress up… until now.  I am in a sense acting out parts of my childhood, a reoccurring theme in my work.”

Balancing Acts in Bronze and Ink featuring Lisa Gordon and Sherrie York remains on view through June 25th, 2019. 

Lisa Gordon, “Overlook II ed 12,” Bronze, 40 x 12 x 6 in
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