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Nov 03, 2015
Gayle Waterman | Westin Hotel DIA + Mountain Living Magazine Feature

Photographer Gayle Waterman is enjoying a season in the sun this fall. Her work is featured in the November issue of Mountain Living magazine, and is soon to grace the walls of the new Gensler-designed Westin Hotel at Denver International Airport.

Waterman was one of only ten artists whose works were chosen for the Westin hotel, out of more than 200 applicants. Her macrophotography fit the parameters of art sought for the project to blend with the unique architecture – “abstracted biomorphic shapes, textures, materials and themes (fractals, geologic patterning and micropatterning).” Having focused her camera on the intimate details of how time works to create beautiful erosive patterns on surfaces, Waterman offered compelling images that matched the artistic vision of the new Westin. Five of her images are featured in the rooms and corridors. Opening festivities begin November 14, with hotel operations starting November 19.

The history of Waterman’s life and work is told with depth and sensitivity in Mountain Living magazine this month. Her love for the lasting and weathered things that endure and change is reflected in her home (an iconic barn from Vermont built in 1800, moved to the Roaring Fork Valley and reassembled) and in her photography. The technical excellence of her images is matched by an eye for the amazing shapes, colors and patterns that only time can create. An artistic marriage of creation and entropy, the photographs reveal worlds of beauty within objects we may often ignore.

Read the entire feature story on Gayle Waterman: Mountain Living, “A Love for Re-Inventing the Old”

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