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Jul 02, 2011
Colin Poole Demonstration Video is Online

Colin Poole was gracious enough to share his artist techniques with us last Sunday, June 26, 2011.  It was a rare and delightful look at the inner workings of the artist at work.  His craft, thoughts, and techniques were generously shared in this demonstration.  The event went from 11 to 2pm, the video has been edited down to about 19 minutes.  In this time, Colin finished a single small still life painting, “Lemons and lime.”  One can view the starting sketch, and see it progress right up to the final oil painting.
For those of you who came to the demonstration, and enjoyed the talk, thank you for spending the afternoon with us.  For those who didn’t, we hope you’ll join us for our next event on Sunday, July 17, 2011, 11-2, when artist, Jill Soukup shares her painting technique and style.
A final note for those hoping to see the completed painting by Colin Poole created at the demonstration: it’s gone.  After all the attendees left, and we were putting everything away, Colin wiped the painting clean.  I asked him why he did that.  His answer was simple.  “It was a demonstration piece, used to show my painting style.  I wasn’t happy enough with it to keep it, so I wiped it clean.  We have to be careful not to make everything so precious it can’t be lost.”  I only wish I had the camera running when he wiped it clean – just for the shock effect.
Thank you Colin for sharing your art and yourself last Sunday.

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