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Feb 27, 2014
Artists who love to paint snow

“The very fact of snow is an amazement.”
       – Roger Ebert

Here in the mountains of Colorado, the month of March is known for rapidly melting snow, followed immediately by new storms and fresh white coatings on the landscape. Not only are skiers are thrilled with continuing fresh powder. For some of the artists represented at the gallery, every storm is an opportunity for a new painting.

Dan Young could be said to have an artistic love affair with the frozen landscape. His renderings of winter scenes demonstrate the many subtle colors to be found in snow, in what is reflected in the surface and what is present in the shadows. Two of his paintings (below) demonstrate his virtuosity with snow as a subject, in two very different light conditions.


“Blues Traveler”



Dan Young - Winter Blues

“Winter Blues”


Marie Figge Wise sent us a fine example of her work this winter, with a piece titled “Winter Comes to the Roaring Fork.” It captures the icy splendor of a Rocky Mountain winter with a mixture of delicate and bold brush strokes.






“Snowy Meadow” by Elizabeth Sandia spotlights the effect of snow on the surrounding colors. The clear expanse of near-white shows off the colors of the vegetation to dramatic effect.








While each artist uniquely perceives and translates the visual magic of winter, their paintings hold in common a delight for the transformation of the landscape created by snow.

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